Are You a Clairsentient Psychic?

You May Be A Clairsentient Psychic And Just Don't Know It

Have you ever known for certain that something would happen but you weren't able to explain how you knew this information? You might be getting a certain thought or impression and when you receive it, you feel absolute certainty about your knowledge. You may possibly possess clairsentient psychic intuitive abilities.

Clairsentience is a type of ESP. The word means "clear knowledge." This is one of the most frequent types of psychic abilities that many people possess. Those who have this ability know that something will happen because they can sense it somehow.

How can you tell if you have clairsentient psychic intuition? Was there ever a situation where you have strongly known in advance that something was going to happen even though you didn't have any real information about it? Maybe you have a sense of what a friend`s new girl friend will be like without even meeting her. You might get some important information that pops up in your mind such as the name of another person before you met  them for the first time. You may have an instinct about which road you should take in a dangerous storm or when you have gotten lost.

A recent study by Daryl Bem, a psychology professor at Cornell University, seems to show that we all have do posses some clairsentient psychic aptitudes. In his research, Bem asked hundreds of volunteers to guess which of two concealed computer screens had a particular erotic image. The volunteers guessed correctly 53% of the time. This 3% higher than chance may not seem to be a lot but in scientific terms it is considered to be statistically significant. That means the result was not achieved simply by guessing randomly. These were simply random volunteers and they were not people who were true psychics in any way.

When the erotic images on the computer screens were replaced with images of other items, the results changed and the volunteers were only able to guess correctly 50% of the time. This is the result that is expected with random guesses. Bem believes that the accuracy of the guesses dropped when every day images were used because they did not trigger strong emotional sensations in the volunteers being studied. This may account for why we often get psychic intuition about something that affects us emotionally.

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