Daily Horoscope

What is a daily horoscope?

A daily horoscope is a written or spoken account of what the stars and the planets tell us. It is a story the Universe shares with a human being about who they are. It refers to many aspects of one’s life and can be used to guide individuals along their path. What a horoscope is not, is a ‘story’ about a person. It does not depict someone’s life as in a biography. But it does provide information, valuable information. It is intended to be used as a tool for guidance . A guiding tool for human beings who are open and able to receive information from the cosmos… from the universe, in a unique way. Why? Because it takes an Astrologer to be able to read the story written out in the sky. It is not something one can be ‘attuned’ to do. However, one must be informed. Informed as to how the universe is communicating to the earth. How the dialogue is received from the Universe to a human being is critical with regard to ‘reading’ one’s horoscope. It is all about the desire to see what is truly written in the sky.
A daily horoscope is more than a vast array of lights, stars and planets… the moon and the sun. It is a microcosm of communication. It was designed that way. It was intended to be a ‘guiding light’ for mankind for centuries. And now, horoscopes and the desire to learn of one’s horoscope is something many are open to learning about. It is being seen as a valid tool in guiding mankind forward.
The time has come where using the tools the earth and the Universe are providing for mankind are no longer intimidating. The ability to reach into the vast resources of man’s knowingness is no longer scary like it was in the not so distant past. Why? Because man’s understanding is evolving. It has evolved. Mankind’s understanding and openness to accept information and to trust in that information is changing. The paradigm has shifted. Now, it is not uncommon for humans to want to tap into their natural ability to relate to the guidance systems and tools which are provided for us as beings on the planet earth. And one of these tools which has been around for centuries, even before mankind, is the story of the Universe. The story the stars tell us. There is a story to be told and the Universe is wanting to share that story – that information, with mankind. Why? Because this is the Age of Aquarius and it is time to open up to the information and the tools that are ‘readily’ available to us. It is the Age of Aquarius and that means it is time to let go of the past and open up to the new. Only really, this is not so much the new, but the old coming back to us, again.

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