Discovering the Psychic Within You

Discovering the Psychic Within You
Discovering Your Psychic Self

We are all born with the ability for psychic intuition. Form most of us, these psychic skills will most likely remain dormant throughout our lives. There are, of course, many people who come into this world intrinsically aware of their own inner psychic aptitudes. These are usually clairvoyants, clairsentients, clairaudients or mediums. Psychics that possess such psychic abilities usually describe this phenomenon as experiences that began in childhood.

For the rest of us, discovering the psychic within us is a developmental journey. Although we all have the capacity for psychic intuition, it takes a great deal of time, practice and patience to learn how to access psychic intuition on a regular basis. The more you dedicate yourself to exploring and discovering your own psychic self, the more you can learn to trust your own psychic intuition. In time, your intuition will help guide you on your path. Facing your challenges and obstacles will no longer be a daunting process. You will intuitively know how to handle life on life’s terms.

The first and most important element to discovering your psychic self is learning how to sit in silence. It sounds easy enough, but you may be surprised to discover how difficult it really is. The most arduous aspect is learning how to quiet the mind. The mind is naturally active. Taking the time to learn how to silence it can be a lifelong process.

The reason why silence is so imperative for psychic development is due to the fact that psychic intuition often comes from the unconscious or subconscious parts of the mind. When you take the time to slow your thought processes and allow the deeper parts of your mind or soul to express them selves without restriction, you can begin to grasp the life force of your own psychic intuition and psychic self.

The most effective tool for quieting the mind is meditation. Meditation is an activity that teaches you how to be present and receptive. It is a tool that helps you become more attentive to your body and breathing. It enables you to clear the mind, and depending on the type of mediation you are drawn to, it can also teach you how to focus. There are countless books and websites dedicated to meditation techniques. Finding the right meditation practice is a personal choice and the most important thing to remember is to find a practice that works specifically for you. An example of a common mediation practice can be explored in our article, Entering the Psychic Trance.


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