Healing with Crystal Sounds

The Ancient Art of Healing with Crystal Sounds

Have you ever stopped and listened to the rhythms and sounds that sing to your imagination and dreams? If you have you may have noticed that some sounds and tones have a way to ring in healing and the feeling of peace and calm. Thought to be one of the earliest forms of healing, healing with sound has been around for thousands of years, and it works by balancing the natural energy waves that course through the human body.

The technique of healing with sounds has been handed down from a number of different cultures and societies. Today these techniques are used in crystal healing, Reiki, and a number of other alternative healing forms. Along with practicing the old technique people are also exploring new techniques.The vibrations created by voice, drums, tuning forks, and even crystal sounds are being used by many therapists to help heal the body and mind. The traditional Tibetan and Japanese metal singing bowls are also a very popular way of healing. As progress of the new meeting the old forms continues tools like the quartz crystal singing bowl have come into being. Combining the traditional Oriental signing bowl with crystal healing ideas has produced a beautiful healing sound.

Healing with crystals has long been used, and sounds from the quartz singing bowl bring a powerful and nurturing response from the human body. The effect is not only physical but also mental. People feel more calm and at peace after hearing the crystal sounds.

The old and new methods of sound healing has combined to create a new type of alternative healing that can be seen working. Humans are very connected to the tones and rhythm of music and sound. This can be seen through the rhythm and song like nature of prayer, chants, and even during incantations.

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