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Monthly Horoscope: Personality Traits of The Astrological Signs

Have you ever successfully guessed someone's astrological sign just by observing their personality traits? While some people are very good at doing this, for most of us it can be a difficult task. This is because people’s personality traits tend to be more complicated than those strictly defined by their astrological sign. Like the celestial bodies above, people themselves often go through patterns where one personality trait becomes more expressed while another may go into temporary remission. This can be especially true of a monthly horoscope which can follow longer and more distinct patterns associated with the cycles of the moon.

Despite these inconsistencies, it is still possible to accurately guess someone's sign if you are observant and have a bit of luck! So, let's see which traits would be the typical giveaways of various astrological signs.

Aries born individuals are best known as the courageous energetic leaders. However, what really makes them stand out is the way their qualities mix with an occasional outburst of childish selfishness.

Some say a Taurus can best be compared to the Rocks of Gibraltar. These people radiate strength and stability. They prefer a comfortable lifestyle, which can sometimes make them lazy.

Oh, a Gemini should be easy to spot! These people are the chatterboxes of the zodiac, and are often fun and lively. They change as easily as the wind, which can make them unreliable and superficial.

On the other hand, a Cancer is less recognizable. You might notice them, however, for their nurturing and protective ways, especially toward their family. Cancers are also emotional and might overreact easily.

Proud and attention seeking, a Leo is often on the lookout for fame. People of this sign are generous, warm and passionate on the inside, but can easily seem pompous and arrogant on the outside.

Critical and analytical perfectionists – that's your average Virgo description! Calm, cautious and rational, a Virgo is all about brain before heart – and because of this might even seem cold.

A typical Libra is a sociable flirt that loves to feel liked. Having a strong desire for harmony, Libras might even lie to avoid any conflicts. In short, they are indecisive yet charming diplomats.

Toss a coin, because a Scorpio can easily be either emphatic or cruel! These are the people whose intensity often takes them to extremes. They hate showing any weaknesses, and often radiate a feeling of undefined power.

It's easy to talk to a Sagittarius since people of this sign are often great listeners. They are idealistic, optimistic and philosophical. On the bad side, they can be irresponsible and tactless.

Capricorns are dependable, disciplined and ambitious, but can succumb to pessimism. Their careful nature can make them too conventional. A typical Capricorn becomes more relaxed with age.

An Aquarius is sociable, but independent. This is a broad-minded person that will be original rather than conform. Even though these people are quite friendly and likable, they can also be very stubborn!

Sensitive and imaginative, those born under the sign of Pisces might be best recognized for their intuitiveness and compassion. These people are the daydreamers who often seek to escape into their imaginary worlds.

Of course, analyzing other people is never an easy task. So, if you really want to know someone's sign, it may be easier to just ask them instead of trying to guess their sign.

Why are we so often curious to know other people's signs? Perhaps because the monthly horoscopes we all love to read can not only predict the future of ourselves, but also for others who play a part in our lives. For this reason, knowing someone's monthly horoscope can serve as a great conversation starter and as well as a way to potentially offer helpful advice.

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