Psychic Channellers ans Spiritual Messages

Hearing Messages with the help of Psychic Channellers

Creating music, automatic writing and speaking or toning information that is being presented to you are just some of the different ways that people experience channeling.

Channeling also occurs on several different levels, as well as in different forms. If you experience what is known as a full trance channel, you typically have no memory or knowledge of what has happened, and other people will need to be present to record the events and the information received. Energy from another dimension comes through you, and you become a vessel that is not conscious of the present place or the time.

If you find yourself being used as a psychic channel, yet you are still aware of being present in the three dimensional reality, you are what is known as a conscious channel. While still being aware of your immediate surroundings, you also exist in another realm at the same time, and serve as an open vehicle, or channel.

Automatic writing has provided us with a lot of useful information, and anyone who has seen this take place has observed a book that seemingly writes itself, with no help from the channeller. Often, these messages from other realms consist of advice on raising the level of consciousness, or offer a powerful message of love for all people, and the voice often comes from a group of Beings, or one specific Ascended Being.

Knowing and understanding the nature of the energy that is coming through is essential for anyone who wants to be able to channel effectively. Energy that comes through that is not 'of the light' must be ordered to leave, under the law of the Spirit. Obstructive or negative energies can target even the most experienced and knowledgeable of channellers, meaning that integrity and judgement must be used at all times.

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