Psychic Dreams and Precognition

What Are Psychic Dreams and Precognition?

Some people foresee events ahead of time through the direct knowledge of ESP. This ability is called Precognition. Those who have this gift experience the phenomena in walking visions or day dreams. A high percentage of up to 70% have the experiences in dreams while sleeping. During waking life, Precognition may be channeled through instinct, rapid random thoughts or auditory hallucinations.

According to a variety of studies and research, everyone has psychic ability to a certain degree, although for some it is more heightened or they are more aware. In psychic dreaming, psychics may see actual events before they take place. Sometimes the dreams are in symbols that they must interpret. People who are able to tune in to the emotions or random feelings around them in their waking life often experience Psychic dreams as well. Precognition dreams are 90% likely to portray people to whom we have close ties or an emotional attachment, such as family members or significant others. They can also depict acquaintances or strangers who are involved in our daily lives. Those who have tuned in to future events before they happened have been classified as experiencing a precognitive episode. It has been said that Abraham Lincoln had this ability. His wife and close friends reported he told them about having a vivid dream of a funeral in the White House. He said he asked a soldier guarding the area who was in the coffin. The soldier told him it was "the President of the United States." He was assassinated one week after he experienced this dream.

Why People Have Precognition

No one has proven why some people have precognitive dreams. Following are some theories but there is no substantial evidence.

Everything is happening now, as future, present and past are all occurring at the same time.
Present information and circumstances allows an intuitive glance at the future.
The mind can operate outside a force field unknown at present.

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