Psychic Empath Readings

The Power and Accuracy of Readings by a Psychic Empath

Many people believe that every person has a certain amount of psychic ability such as intuition but it is obvious that some people demonstrate a much higher level of ability. Those with extraordinary psychic abilities are known to be highly sensitive or empathetic.

Highly empathetic individuals are able to feel the emotions of others. An empath immediately knows whether a person is sad, lonely, angry or desperate. What the mind believes and desires is intertwined with emotions and an empathetic person can recognize such thoughts and moods. The ability to feel another person's deepest emotions is a rare gift. Most psychics are born with a natural ability to empathize with others and have worked to improve this skill over time.

A psychic empath can detect the emotions and feelings of others without anyone ever having to say a word. Most empaths absorb people's emotions wherever they go and need to shield themselves from taking on other people's energy so they do not become drained and exhausted.

Psychic empathy shouldn't be confused with the general empathy that people feel for one another. Having the ability to imagine what it feels like to be in a certain situation is not the same as detecting the deepest emotions of complete strangers. Most people have the ability to feel empathy without being a psychic empath.

The primary difference between an empathetic person and a psychic empath is the ability to pick up on a person's emotions without receiving any type of visual or verbal cues. A psychic can immediately sense a person's feelings of joy, pain or fear simply by standing next to them. Sometimes a psychic reads a person's aura to gain insight to their emotions but they can often sense how others are feeling just by being in their presence.

Empaths often train themselves to notice subtle differences in the energy vibrations emitted by people. True empaths are excellent listeners and tend to gravitate towards professions that allow them to help other people. They make great counselors and social workers. People feel relaxed and at ease when talking to empaths and often decide to share personal stories with them.

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