Psychic Mediums, Automatic Writing and Connecting to the Other Side

Psychic Mediums may us Automatic Writing as a Means to Connect to the Other Side

People who lose their loved ones through sudden death will inevitably find life difficult. No one can be prepared for such life changing events but family members need to be aware that loved ones that have passed away are not in fact gone forever.

Psychic mediums are people who are able to make contact with the spirit world and let friends and relatives get in touch with those who they have lost. Many psychic mediums choose a method known as automatic writing. During this process the medium goes into a trance and channels into other worldly beings who can offer answers, it may be a relative or a spirit guide who has passed away. In some cases, the medium may contact other spiritual beings that have important messages or information.

Automatic writing has been practiced for hundreds of years and its popularity peaked in the Spiritualistic movement of the eighteen hundreds. At this time the practice was commonly used by many mediums as a way of communicating with the dead. The medium went into a trance like state in order to look for guidance from the spirit world. Lots of people thought that the dead sent their messages via the medium and that the medium was not in control of themselves when this took place.

Automatic writing is used by mediums but in actual fact it can be used by anyone. The practice is commonly known as a psychic development tool and it can be utilized by all who want to experiment with their own intuition, creativity and spontaneity. People who want to get in touch with their unconscious feelings and thoughts could try doing so by using automatic writing. Automatic writing cannot be corrected, controlled or edited. The practice is a process that allows you to explore your subconscious and use self expression without being judged or constrained.

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