The Art Of Reading Auras

Understanding the Practice and Art of Reading Auras

Auras are a field of light around a person, that indicate several different things, such as their general temperament and mood at that moment. In order to view someone's aura, you must relax fully and focus. By doing so, you can tune in to a different level of awareness. It is important to practice, and in time you will be able to identify and  read auras.

You can learn how to focus your eyes in a particular manner. First off, you must have soft light that does not shine in your eyes. Take a book and place red or blue crepe paper on it, then stand it on a table that is several feet away. Make your background a neutral one, such as an off white, soft grey, or light tan color. A black board will even work for this. If your wall is not the right color, hang up a cloth or sheet of neutral colored paper. Experiment with the distance to see what works.

Relax, taking a moment to breathe deep. Look at the book, while focusing on nothing, somewhat to the side and about a foot or so behind the book. Make sure that you are not tensing up your forehead or straining your vision.

You soon will notice that there is a pale, milky kind of aura emitting from the object. Look at this steadily, until you see a bright green or yellow aura around the object. Do not change your focus or look right at it, or it will disappear.

Once you have done this step, cover numerous books with  paper of different colors. Study each one separately, then write what auric color you see. Try two at once, observing how each color affects the other. Move on to an item that is more complicated, such as some flowers. You should see an orange aura color that is from the green leaves and stems. You also will be able to see a shimmering effect, which is the plant's life force. Move on to observing your pet, if you have one.

The next step along your path of aura readings is to observe your own, in and out of the sun. When you feel confident on how to see auras, give someone a reading. You will notice a pale smoke effect on their skin. The aura will be seen, along with a shimmering effect that extends several inches or so. The aura will vary in brightness, with a happy person displaying a stronger aura. Learn what each aura color means, and how to see them with less effort each time.

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