The Magic Of Nature Spirits and Energy

Working with Nature Spirits and Energy

Nature spirits are made from etheric substance. Their aim is to ensure that the plant kingdom is maintained properly. They work alongside elementals and devas.

Deities themselves are often archetypes, or personifications of the forces of nature, or nature energies. Polytheistic religions feature these the most. Some people consider them actual divine beings, while other see them as representations. Qualities and personalities are usually attached to these entities.

Nature spirits are the form-makers. They are part of a natural kind of hierarchy. Some people consider them to be low angelic energies. Angels often preside over the works of different types of spirit. Angels will help to transform life's impulses from the Soul.

Every animal, rock, plant and other being will have a spirit, sometimes called a consciousness resonance matrix. Spirits like this can sometimes end up joining themselves together to form some kind of hive-mind. This can end up turning itself into the spirit of a particular area. A lot of these nature spirits will also have biological intelligences. They are powerful in a psychic way, and are a lot less abstract for a number of reasons. Having them as an ally can be great. You can easily sense these spirits in order to see whether or not they are receptive to a ritual or a working that you are doing.

Some people think of Pan as being the god of nature. Is half goat and half man. Faunus, a Roman god, was considered to be one of his forms. Accounts of the actual genealogy are incredibly varied. Many people consider his true origins to be lost to the mists of time. Pan as a god, however, appears to be much older than many of the other conceptions of gods and goddesses such as those from Greece and Mount Olympus.

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