The Psychic Trance and Intuition

Psychic Trance: Vehicle For Higher Psychic Awareness

Psychic Trance

The state of entering a psychic trance involves practice. One can categorize it as an intense form of meditation. When we are able to enter a psychic trance, we can accede to a higher state of consciousness and we enjoy superior psychic capabilities. One must allow his mind to rest and get free of all worldly concerns to achieve a state of psychic trance. Under this state, unconscious takes over from the conscious and opens up in our mind a different and intense world of fluid, fragmented, disconnected thoughts. One's thought processes can also enter a deeper level than normal when one is in a trance. This allows him to read and interpret messages emanating from different planes of existence.

Ways to Enter a Psychic Trance

When you allow your body and mind to reach a state of psychic trance, you are not only accessing the power of enhanced psychic abilities, but are also discovering a nerve center of clam and peace. Your stress levels will be reduced the more you can connect with that center and concentrate your physical and mental powers into it. However, it requires practice to attain that higher level of peace and calm. You must start with finding a quiet place and then sit in a traditional meditation posture and try to still your thoughts and quiet down your mind. Once you feel you are relaxed enough, you should try, with closed eyes, to look towards the middle of your forehead or, as it is called in the meditation vocabulary, towards your Third Eye. Imagine as if the Third Eye is slowly opening. Consistent practice will allow you to master the process of opening the Third Eye and entering a psychic trance.

Once someone masters the skill of entering a trance, he can access to higher spiritual planes and can communicate with things that largely remain obscure to us during our day to day living. The psychic trance is a way to tap into your latent psychic abilities and to attain higher levels of psychic awareness.

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