Tools To Help You Communicate With The Other Side

Some Easy Tools That Can Help You Communicate With The Other Side

People have long wanted to know how to communicate with the dead and the good news is that you do not have to be a psychic in order to contact spirits. You can use common tools and ask questions of the spirits that simply require a "yes" and "no" response. When we are learning how to communicate with the other side, we can use a flashlight, a digital recorder, and an electronic pulse meter.

The reason for this is not to create a party trick atmosphere but because it will help you to create the right conditions to contact spirits. Paranormal investigation can be very tricky and this information will help you get in touch with a spirit from the other side. If you want to get more advanced, you will need to take classes and learn advanced techniques from professionals.

Get a flashlight that has a button at the end to allow you to turn it on off again. First, turn the flashlight on and very carefully unscrew the front of the flashlight to the point that the light is almost going off. Put the flashlight on a level surface where you can easily reach the back. Apply a small bit of pressure on the button that turns the light on and off. This will establish the point where the light may start to flicker on and off. Sit about three feet away and tell the spirit how it can use the flashlight to communicate. Tell it to use one flash of light for a yes answer and two flashes of light to indicate a no answer. Go ahead and ask the questions once you have set up the flashlight properly.

Take a digital recorder into your space and step away a few feet. Ask your questions by speaking out loud. You will probably not hear anything at the time, but when you play back the recording, you may hear some answers to your questions.

Electronic pulse meters can be used to help in paranormal investigations. Set the meter far away from everybody and ask the spirit to come forth and light the lights. Ask questions of the spirit and use one for yes and two blinks for no answers.

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